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One of my craft has been pinched !
you can see it here :…

Thanks to the thief I'll close the Duck gallery !

And a huge thank to Crabamoustache who warned me about the robbery !
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Merry Christmas folks !
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Art ripper , beware !

A woman is stealing art on Facebook and now on Deviant art !

watch out for her !

Check out if you find anything you know on her website and please be so kind to NOTE the artist if you find work of somebody else.

Her facebook :…

Her website :

Don't hesitate to press charges against her if she's stollen your art !
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It's been a while folks

well I'm still struggling with my bloody right arm but it seems like I'm gonna be cripple for life ^^"

gotta live with it then , so I started working on games for disney again
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Hello folks

Some news at last ...

No I'm not dead , I've been working on a new project of webcomics called "Famine Island "

I'll launch it very soon ^^

I still have some troubles vith my right arm but whatever ... I'll probably have to deal it all my life , I won't give up drawing even if I have to draw only a page a month !
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still have tendonitis ... it's still hard to work ... yesterday I've been told I have one in my shoulder as well but anyway

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Since I can't really draw comics because of the tendonitis in my right wrist ( and fore arm ) I focus on making games for " le Journal de Mickey "

so august is a quiet month :/
I'm having fun watching one of my favourite TV show " The persuaders " ( not enough episodes !!! ) making a few drawings , and a lot of reading too.
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July 10

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 30, 2010, 1:29 PM

No news from me in this journal since april ...
what had happen since april ?

- I finished the polar bear comic
- I did some illustrations for a futur facebook game ( no news from the webmaster )

For the moment I'm working on my webcomic project and on games for Mickey's magazine but it's becoming harder and harder for me :/

My arm is in pieces !

I have a tendonitis on my right wrist and forearm since april and it still aches like hell !
my doc wants me to stop all activities for at the very least one month.
It's hard for me to stop drawing but I begin to consider the idea cause I'm fed up of this pain :/

I know how this tendo started , it's the way i do my colors on Photoshop !
I 've never been able to work with a graphic tablet but working with the mouse kills my arm ...

so now I have to find out how I will find enough money to afford a cintiq X12 graphic tablet !!!

any ideas ? ^^"

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April 10

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 4, 2010, 5:31 AM

It's been a long while since my last post in this journal , anyway it's not important since no one ever answers to what I write ...

I'm working on a new story for " Tournesol" called : the polar bear ,next step is to put it into full color :D

I still have some games to do for Mickey's magazine too , I should really work on it ...

And when I'm not drawing ( so it means a couple of hours a day )
I'm watching some Tv shows . I'm totally into Fringe at the moment *__*
it's acting like a drug on me . Every time I watch an episode I just want more and more ah ah

Oh I'm also watching some Punky Brewster's videos , this was my favourite tv show when I was a kid !!!
I'm so glad being able to watch it again almost 20 years later ( My god , I'm getting old ... )

And you know what ? 20 years later , this show still makes me laugh like a kid :XD:

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Winter's coming and so are the good news :D

" La Tour de St Etienne " is finally out in the Tournesol n°367

for those who can read french you can see some pages on their website here ==>…

                          Tournesol 367 by MacOneill

I'm also working with a friend of mine on a project called " Jacob's Christmas countdown " .

It'll be published from december 1st to december 24th on

It's an advent calendar and you'll discover each day a part of a brand new story I did last month ^^
To understand the story you'll have to see all the 24 parts of the calendar !!!

I wish you all Happy Holidays !!!
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Hello folks !!!

I've finally finished my work on " La Tour de St etienne " o/

the Editor was thrilled by my work and asked me to do a new comic book for him , a 5 pages story about Inuits in the north pole !

For the moment I'll work again on the adventures of Jacob and on my other comic books projects such as Nora or Croque mouton .

let's find an editor for those stories !!!
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Pomme the dragon

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 4, 2009, 11:39 AM

Hello folks !

My mascot's story is finally available on deviant art o/

Pomme the dragon is one of the first character I've ever created when I was a teen :)

He's special for me !
He's a sweet little dragon :)

I've uploaded his first story on deviant art to share it with you all
I hope you'll like it :)

I've never worked on him since ... I should maybe write another story for him :)

Anyway I must finish something else before ^^"

Back to work
se ya' folks !

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Hello folks !

I am actually thinking of creating a set of collectible trading cards for jacob in very limited edition . Will you guys like it ?

Gimme your opinion and tell me what kind of other stuff you'd like to get about Jacob please  :)


And don't forget to read Jacob as often as you can !

And follow me on Twitter here :

If you don't like twitter you can still find me on facebook :

or Jacob's facebook page :…
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I like when it rains in summer because it makes it less hot than it should be !
I hate warmth :(
anyway I'm not here to talk about what I like ot not ...

In july I'll try to finish the story for Tournesol's magazine ( I'm more than late on the delay ... )
And I'll keep on working on Jacob's story too
No holidays for me

And now anyone can follow me on Twitter here :

If you don't like twitter you can still find me on facebook :
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The beautiful month of june !

It's not really spring but not really summer ... It's in between !
But i'm not here to talk about the weather !

June is the month of comics on the web also called webcomics !

I do a webcomic called the " adventures of Rabbit Jacob " that you can read here ( when I don't forget to upload a strip )
You can also read it in french on WEBCOMIC.FR

If you can read in french , I can only advice you to go read many other great artists like me or Crazy cat , on this website !!!

Don't forget , June is the month of Webcomics !!!
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And here is the beautiful month of may , beautiful  because this is the month of my birthday !!!

don't forget me on the 24th :D

Ah and it's also a wonderful month because my first book is on sale
" the adventures of Rabbit jacob part 1 "

Come and get it on ( or have a look at my deviant ID ) :D

Anyway , still a busy month for me ^^
lots of comic pages to realise but I'll take time to break my Geek attitude and go outside to see Wolverine and Star trek at the cinema ...

Those films must be better than the last one I saw ... " Knowing "
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Hey !

I've not been posting for a while ...
March has been a busy month and I can't complain about it :)

and now we're already in april , time is passing by so fast !
What am I gonna do in april ?
Lots of things :
- publishing the first book of the adventures of Rabbit Jacob
- Starting the new season of his adventures on
- Starting drawing this damn story about a church for LLB's edition ...

I think it's already more than enough for this new month :)

Ah I'll also be playing Animal city folks because I'm addicted to this game XD
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we're already in the middle of February and I still didn't do anything of the comic book I have to do ...

It's not that I don't want to ... It feels like my mind doesn't want to work on it or to think about it !
But I have to do it so I must do at least 5 pages tilll next month !

But meantime I have a lot of work to do on commissions and on my own series like "Jacob" and " nom d'une carrote"
I have so much fun when I draw it :)

anyway , I think I can say I have a busy month in february :)

Oh I've bought Rollerblades last week , I was maybe 13 the last time I did it ... and I've forgot that falling could hurt so bad :(
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Hello folks :)

It's the beginning of january , the time to say goodbye to christmas and go back to work !
no more christmas tree , no more champagne...
it's so sad :(

Since I gotta draw a 20 pages long story for LLB edition , I thought it would be great to show you the previous story I've made for them .
A story called " Coucou's christmas " which was published last month in Tournesol's magazine .

I 've also started to show you my web comic called " Rabbit Jacob "
I hope you'll like it :)
In french there are already 38 strips made and released here :…

January will be a busy month !
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Yeah we're finally in 2009 !
so I wish you all a Happy new year full of joy and harmony etc ...

I don't really like to make that kind of speach so I'll just say that I hope this year will be full of drawings and cute things ^^

My resolution for this year will be : not being sick because I hate it !!!
Oh and also starting to work on this comic I gotta do .

Yesterday I 've been waiting for midnight on Animal crossing let's go to the city !
It's so cute when the firework starts
ah ah
I'm an animal corssing addict :)